Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fiona and Eve

It has been a little over a year since our ferret Bandi died. Yesterday we went into the new Petco store in Montrose and I said, "We are coming out with chinchilla food only!" Then we saw the two ferrets and I couldn't resist them. They are sisters and the kids named them Fiona and Eve. I tried to take pictures and video of them this morning and it was pretty hard. They are all over the place when we let them out of the cage. This is Fiona's cute little face. We think she is the smartest of the two. Eve is almost completely white and is a little bigger than Fiona. Fiona was the first one we bought, then we started thinking about Eve in that big cage alone in Petco, so we went back and bought her, too.

This one of Fiona cracks me up! What a scary face!

Maybe Eve will become smarter. She appears to like books. Here are a couple of videos. I tried not to move around too much so we can watch them without getting dizzy!

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