Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love Moab!

Tuesday was my parents first trip to Moab, Utah. It was around 50 degrees in Telluride when we left, and the temperature in Moab reached 102 while we were there. What a drastic change! This is Dakota and Garrett just across the street from the visitor's center in Canyonlands National Park. From the Shafer Trail overlook, the fun 4-wheel drive road we took back in June.
The Green River Overlook.
Dad, Maralee and Mom at the overlook.
My girls with my dad and mom.
Dakota was trying really hard to find some shade.
My dad hates spiders more than anyone I know. He would barely look at this painting. HAHAHA!!! I'm sure this business is named after the Poison Spider Mesa Jeep trail.
We were running out of time, so we just drove a little of the way into Arches National Park. I didn't take many photos, but below is the Three Gossips. I really want to get back to Arches again and see the rest of the arches that I've missed, especially since the Wall Arch collapsed earlier this week. It is just beyond the Landscape Arch and we never got to see it before it fell.

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