Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marble, Colorado

On Tuesday, August 19, 2008, we arrived in the remote town of Marble, Colorado. The plan for Wednesday was to drive over Schofield Pass from Marble to Crested Butte, so we wanted to camp pretty close to the trailhead. Marble is located off of highway 133 on county road 3. Marble has some of the best quality and largest quantity of marble in the world. Stone from Marble was used in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There is literally marble all over the place in this small town. Huge blocks of marble are at the side of the road that was mined out of the Colorado Yule Marble Mine this summer.
Marble even has an ice rink. It must be pretty when surrounded by snow and filled with ice.
If you plan to drive over Schofield Pass from Crested Butte to Marble, don't expect to find much in the way of facilities. The people at the general store directed us to the only public toilet, a porta-potty next to the fire station that was in serious need of servicing.
We actually camped a little ways out of town at the Forest Service Bogan Flats Campground. We had a site right by the Crystal River.
Crystal River.
Leaving town and heading for Schofield Pass on the opposite side of Marble, we came to Beaver Lake. It was a pretty little lake with canoes surrounding it.
This is the only video I took on this trip. This is the Crystal River and we enjoyed listening to it as we fell asleep that night.


Julie said...

Looks beautiful! I stumbled across this while I was researching camp sites at Bogan Flats - This looks wonderful. Do you remember what campsite you were in? It looks like it has been a few years, but I thought I would ask anyway. Thanks for the pictures - I can't wait for our trip!

Lisa Wilson said...

Sorry, I can't remember which campsite it was. I do remember there weren't very many people there, so it was easy to pick a good spot!