Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

Tuesday, September 2, 2008, was the first day of school. The kids were up early and ready to go, even Garrett who wasn't extremely excited to be starting high school. All three of them seem to really like their teachers. Every year the elementary school has a ceremony outside at the beginning of the first day of school where the principal introduces all of the staff and then sings the school song. It's really quiet in the apartment with them at school and I'm afraid my blog will be slowing down some now. We did so many things this summer that kept us busy and I took tons of pictures. By the way, the reason there is a "SHOW" sign on Savanna's school here is because they haven't taken it down yet since the Telluride Film Festival which was held over the weekend.


julie said...

So is the old high school now the grade/elementary school? It sure is a pretty building. I hope the kids are enjoying being in school, again!

Lisa Wilson said...

Yes, the old high school was built in 1895. I'm not sure what year they started using it for the elementary school.