Saturday, September 27, 2008

Irreplaceable Friends

Well Ari and Kristen are on their way to L.A. and will be living near his family and the school he will be attending. I'm so sad we didn't have more time with them. Kristen and I come from similar backgrounds and instantly had a strong friendship bond. Ari was in the Marines so there was never a shortage of things to talk about with Jay. We all feel that God brought us into each others' lives for a reason, and we'll always keep in touch. Thursday night the Marshal's Office had a going away dinner at Rustico, which is where we took these pictures. It was only the second time we ate dinner with them at Rustico since Emilio's is our usual place, sometimes Shanghai. Hopefully we will be going to visit them sometime next year, maybe over spring break. Ari and Kristen's new condo is very close to the beach and to Disneyland. I would love to take Maralee to Disneyland while she is still young enough to be excited about it. I'm pretty sure Garrett and Savanna would be excited, too. Kristen is crazy about Disneyland and plans to have a season pass. It was a very sad good-bye, but I am excited about what God is doing in their lives, and Telluride will always be here if they decide to come back. :) I wish them the best with Ari's school and Kristen's new job in the restaurant biz!

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Brian Slawin - said...

I am TOTALLY digging your blog...GREAT photos and even greater stories.

Don't slow down!

This flatlander (St. Louis) is craving more and more mountains and photos from above or below the "treeline"!