Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Owl Creek Pass

After driving over Last Dollar Road last week, next I wanted to get up Owl Creek Pass at least to the Silver Jack Reservoir. Owl Creek Pass can be driven in a passenger car if you don't mind a dirt road with some bumpy areas. In this first picture, Chimney Peak and Courthouse Mountain are in the center with changing colors all around.
When the aspens are this bright, the Yellow Brick Road always comes to my mind for some reason, especially this year because I'm currently reading the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire. This book is freaking me out. I never thought of the Wicked Witch of the West as a person before, and I certainly never felt sorry for her. I have about 100 pages of the book left, and so far I'm thinking those ruby slippers really should have been given to her!
If you are a John Wayne fan, you may recognize Chimney Peak from the shootout in True Grit. This is the area where John Wayne shot and killed Robert Duvall. Parts of How the West Was Won was also filmed on Owl Creek Pass.

The summit still had snow from Sunday night's storm.

The dry part of the Silver Jack Reservoir.

The Silver Jack Reservoir with Chimney Peak and Courthouse Mountain in the center in the distance.

There is one scene in True Grit filmed in this area with the Sneffels range in the background. It makes me laugh since the movie is supposedly in Arkansas. I've been to Arkansas many times and I never saw mountains like this!


Ivar Ivrig said...

Such great photos of a beautiful landscape. If it was possible I would jump into one of your pictures and start hiking and shooting with my camera. Wonderful :-)

susan said...

sigh....thanks for the tour. We couldn't get out of Alabama to the mountains this summer, and miss the mountains. Glad I stumbled on your site. Your have photos from some of the places we have been and wondered what they looked like in Autumn. fun