Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Cake!!

I probably cook and bake more from scratch in the months of October, November and December than any other time of year. I've been craving a pumpkin pie, but it just doesn't seem the right time yet, so I tried a recipe in my Pie in the Sky cookbook. The recipe is on someone's website, also, and it's called Porterfield Pumpkin Bundt with Snow White Glaze. I don't have a bundt pain, so I created my own tube pan to bake it in. It turned out perfectly! You don't have to be at a high altitude to try this recipe out because the author has directions listed for altitudes from sea level to high in the mountains. Savanna helped me with it and enjoyed cracking all 6 of the eggs. I think this was the first cake I ever made entirely from scratch. Since the cake cooled and the glaze set before I started dinner, we had our dessert before dinner today. None of us could resist. The cake came out very moist which is amazing at this altitude. For dinner I went on to make Zio’s Tomato Florentine Soup. This was my first time to make this soup. Jay's sister, Kelli, made it for us the last time we were at her house, and I had to have the recipe!! It took me about 2 hours to make it, but now that I know how to go about it, I think I could cut down that amount of time. I also made guacamole, bacon and swiss cheese sandwiches. We definitely did not have a healthy food day here, but it sure was delicious. There is a really messy kitchen waiting for me right now, so procrastinating by doing a blog entry seemed like the perfect thing to do.

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julie said...

Can I come over to your house?! That cake looked great and the rest of your meal sounded scrumptious! :)