Saturday, November 8, 2008

Destiny the Hedgehog

Savanna was picked this weekend to babysit her class pet Destiny. The class got to vote on what kind of pet they wanted to buy and then they raised money by doing chores at home for the teacher to buy her. Jay and the kids are really wanting one now, but I think a cat, chinchilla and 2 ferrets are enough. We haven't gotten the hang of picking Destiny up yet. Savanna is wearing gloves because Destiny can really hurt you when you pick her up, and hisses when you startle or scare her. Overall I think a hedgehog would make a great pet and I would seriously consider it if we didn't already have so many.

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Barb said...

Destiny is so cute. When I was in Prague, Czech Republic, hedgehogs were running around on the streets & sidewalks. It was cool!!! Lot's of them. They are fast! Also, I have a friend who used to raise them.