Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Snow Hike

There have been enough people hiking up to Bear Creek Falls to pack down the snow enough that we hiked the trail on Tuesday. First I had to take a picture of the reflection of Ajax Peak. Last week's photo that I took here was very different with low clouds hanging during the snowstorm. I don't remember if this tree was across the trail the last time we were up here.
This rock actually has a name. Bet you can guess what it is--Big Rock.
At first view of the waterfall it appears to be entirely frozen. As you get closer, you can hear some water flowing under the ice.
The snow wasn't packed down the closer we got to the falls and obviously Jay and I were the first ones to go that far since last week's snow.
The pictures of the waterfall came out pretty dark since it is in a deep and narrow canyon. The next photo is from our hike in June. Quite a different view!
The creek below the falls has a little water running just from the snow and ice melting in the places that do get some sun.
As we exited the trail onto Pine Street, I caught another reflection shot next to these condos.
This was definitely our last hike of the year. Next week we will be in Oklahoma visiting our family and after we get back we'll be SKIING!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just realized that you have me on your blogroll - what a lovely surprise! I have been seeing that people found my blog from "mtsrool" but never really pursued it... but then you popped up on my incoming links. I'm thrilled you chose to link to me and appreciate the bloggy love!

Your photos are breathtaking!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

Shell said...

That waterfall is awesome. I love it all iced up. I love waterfalls, they are so pretty. There are some up in the mt's we go in that just come out of nowhere and then after 100 ft or so disapear back into the ground. They are cool. BTW I am Tony's wife. ( this Tony)