Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brown Dog Pizza

I had a special request from one of my blog readers for a photo of Brown Dog Pizza with snow in the front of the restaurant. I managed to get some snowy photos and even one at night of their Christmas lights.We go to Brown Dog for the UFC fights when we don't want to cough up the $45 for Pay-Per-View. They have several different kinds of wings, which Jay loves. The pizza, pasta and sandwiches are great and during a UFC fight you can expect to see the Jay and the rest of the cops on the second floor watching the fight!! The owner is very nice and I think he likes it that the employees of the Marshal's office like to eat there.


Lois said...

Hey Lisa could I make a special request too? Do you have any pictures of the Sheridan Opera House? I was inside and actually up on the stage at a conference I went to there years ago and I heard they have restored it. I was just wondering what it looks like now.

Lisa Wilson said...

I think they are still talking about some restoration in there. I have never been inside. If I ever do go, I'll take some photos for sure!