Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Concerts

The girls had their Christmas concerts this week, Maralee singing and Savanna's band. I realize Maralee almost has her eyes closed in this picture, but I'm posting it anyway because we hardly ever dress up, so it was a big deal to send her to school like this. Maralee is standing in the middle on the front row. What a great spot for pictures!
Savanna even picked out a dressy outfit and shoes for her band concert.
The kids' concerts are held in the Palm Theatre. Savanna is sitting with her trombone closest to the Christmas tree on the right. The next photo is a closer view.
Since I went up closer to the stage, I thought I'd video Maralee's grade singing "Silver Bells." Keep in mind the video is a little shaky because I was on my knees kind of slipping on the carpet in the aisle.

I think the sixth grade band sounds great!! Most of these kids just started learning to play instruments last year. This is a song called, "St. Nick Salsa."


Lois said...

Wow Lisa that band does sound great! Believe me I should know. My daughter started in band in 6th grade and continued right through high school marching band and on to college and 4 years in the FSU Marching Chiefs. I attended every single concert, football game, college recital and even followed her to 4 college bowl games including 2 Sugar Bowls, 1 Fiesta Bowl (long drive from Tallahassee to Tempe, AZ), and an Orange Bowl. Now she is the band director at the same high school she graduated from and I'm still going to her band concerts!

julie said...

Aw, I remember singing "Silver Bells" in grade school Christmas show too! Great performances by both girls! :)

Barb said...

Both concerts were great!!! Thanks for sharing. Maralee & Savanna- You ROCK!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How cool! Something else we have in common. My 12 yr old twin son, Jackson has been playing in a homeschool band for 2 years, since 4th grade. He'll be in Advanced Band next year....and Savannah, he plays Trombone!

Tijeras, NM