Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Freezing Cold Skiing

Wow am I relieved to get this blog update going! This morning when I tried to start this post, I had a message from Google that I was out of storage for my photos. I've used up the 1 GB of free photo storage, so I paid $20 to get 9 more. I've uploaded a lot of photos since starting this blog! I don't mind paying a yearly fee for photo storage. I really like the Picasa photo editing and Blogger is free. Anyway, it's been a freezing cold week here. I don't remember the last time we had a sunny day. We've been slammed with one snowstorm after another, and now we could get 3 feet of snow on Christmas Day!! Our week of skiing started with Alpine Chapel Mountaintop Church. We've been to the mountaintop service many times in the summer, but this was our first winter one. Here's Pastor Tree talking to the "congregation" and you can see Lizard Head and wilson Peak back there. Maralee, my little skier. Savanna snowboarding with a cool shadow.
Snowboard angel.
We've been watching this little log cabin being built in Mountain Village for several months, and it looks like it still isn't finished. You have to be way back from it to even fit the whole house in a photo!
Check out this peaceful photo of the Nellie ski run. On our days off when we are enjoying skiing or other outdoor activities, it's easy to forget there is a world outside of what we are doing.
This is Jay and Maralee skiing down the peaceful Nellie run, freezing cold in the snowstorm. I didn't get any photos of Garrett this time because he was always way ahead of me.


julie said...

Beautiful shots! Yes, that is the great thing about skiing... getting totally absorbed in it, so that the world melts away. It's just you and the mountain. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Skiing sounds so much like horseback riding. It's just you, your horse, nature and the trail....nothing else. Everything else just slips away. The way it should :)

I was smiling when reading how you've had to upgrade for more photo storage. I had to do that last year, too. You are the first person I've met on Blogger who's had to do that, too! Another thing we have in common, I suppose: A love of our photos! :)