Thursday, December 18, 2008

♪ ♫ It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas ♪ ♫

Okay, we are a little bit past "beginning" to look like Christmas around here. As of this morning we had received a total of 100 inches of snow this season, and it's been snowing heavily since I read that report. There aren't many houses lit up for photographing in Telluride. It must be because so many people conserve electricity here. These first two photos were taken on Main Street.
The Franz Klammer Lodge in the day and night. I think the Christmas tree is actually part of Capella, the new hotel that will be opening next to Franz Klammer.
This morning we had white-out conditions in town when I took the kids to school. I just took these photos out my office window. I said that if the snow gods have been smiling upon us, they must be laughing their heads off today! (And no, I don't really believe in snow gods. I only believe in the real God.)


Lois said...

Wow Lisa those pictures from your office window are amazing! It's kind of warm here--79 degrees and muggy--yuk!

julie said...

Love the light colors and snow-glow on that first house! :)

Barb said...

yes, you could call that a winter white out! Oh my goodness, looks like you will have even more snow this year than last!!! Enjoy skiing & snowboarding!!!