Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry New Thanksmas Year

Thanksgiving is the only winter holiday we were able to spend with our family in Oklahoma this year, so we had to combine all of the holidays into one and my dad named it "Merry New Thanksmas Year." We celebrated a little of all the holidays and my dad's 60th birthday while we were there. Here's Maralee giving Sadie and Sicily a dog biscuit at my father-in-law's house. I think she gave them way too many while we were there. Savanna and Parker are best buds.

Jay and Ryan are talking next to my mom's Christmas tree. Isn't it beautiful? That's also my parents' golden retriever, Maggie. My dad's 60th birthday party with all of his grandkids. At Jay's sister's house we managed to get the kids together for a few pictures. They are all getting too old and making me feel old! Funny face picture with Gramma. Here's me and Jay, his mom Barbara, sister Kelli and brother-in-law Bob. Kelli made a huge dinner for us the day after Thanksgiving and tried out some new things that turned out awesome. The week went by pretty fast and it has taken me almost a week to get caught up on everything around the house. I'm glad we made it back to Oklahoma for a holiday since we didn't last year.

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