Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sledding Telluride's Firecracker Hill

Tuesday we were just too cold to think about riding a ski lift, but the kids wanted to get outside for a little while. We went to the town park for sledding at Firecracker Hill. I took loads of photos and videos!
Savanna is trying out her new snow skate here. It's kind of like a skateboard with no wheels. We've been letting the kids open one present a day since Saturday, and she and Garrett opened their snowskates Tuesday. I don't know if this something we'll carry on as a tradition, but I admit it will be nice not to have a huge pile of wrapping paper to clean up for Christmas.
I can't help but laugh at Garrett in the next three photos. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt.
You can get an idea of how deep the snow is as it is touching the top of the fence here.
The park has a groomed trail for Nordic/cross country skiers. There were a few out enjoying it despite the 19 degree weather. This is the stage at the park where we have the big festivals. It's hard to picture several thousand people sitting in camping chairs there now.
A bunch of sledding videos!

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