Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowy Hike to the Landscape Arch

It was around 4:00 p.m. when we started our hike to the Landscape Arch Monday. It wasn't time to get dark, but we were in the shade and that did affect my photos. The trail was just completely snowpacked with no ice, so it was an easy walk to the arch. The last time we hiked to the Landscape Arch was with my brother and nephew when it was 103 degrees. This time we were freezing since the sun wasn't shining on us.
At first view of the Landscape Arch, it kind of blends in and is easily missed. You have to keep going on down the trail to see it more clearly.
A little bunny was the only wildlife we saw while we were at Arches. I kept trying to get closer and closer, but he was scared away from the squeaking sound of my boots on the snow.
Since the Wall Arch fell in August, it makes me wonder how much longer the Landscape Arch will be with us.
If you ever have the chance to visit Arches in the winter, it is definitely worth it!! This section of the Devil's Garden looks so different than it did in the summer.


Tony said...

I'm surprized to see so much snow there! It has been a record month for snow in Utah though.:(

julie said...

What a great photo chronicle of Arches when most people never see it... full of snow!

Quite a difference!