Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surviving the Dallas Divide

Telluride reported 14 new inches of snow from Monday to early Tuesday morning. Garrett's orthodontist appointment in Montrose was on Tuesday and the road conditions only reported snowpacked and ice with no snow currently falling, so we headed to Montrose while we were still under a winter storm warning. I took pictures of the Dallas Divide, highway 62 as I drove. If you have ever wondered what this area looked like in snowpacked conditions, this is it!
The only danger I encountered during the drive was having to drive right behind a semi and two other slow cars, and then a stupid big truck right at my rear for several miles. The Jeep handles snow and ice without a problem. The only close call we had the entire day was a huge deer that ran across the road right in the middle of Montrose. Garrett just happened to see it coming so we had plenty of time to stop.
I didn't stop to take a picture of Mt. Sneffels because we couldn't even see it. The entire range was completely covered in white snow clouds.
As we descended into Ridgway, I noticed the heavy cloud cover over Ouray in the distance. It looked similar to what we left behind in Telluride.
I passed a plow truck in Ridgway. I bet he had a busy night! Thank God for road crews!


Lois said...

This is such a pretty drive. Years ago before Telluride had an airport I flew into Montrose and drove from there to Telluride in a rental car. It was in March so there wasn't this much snow, but I remember the weather was very clear and sunny and the scenery was gorgeous.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I have never driven on a snowpacked road before. I prefer to see the actual road. lol!

I sure do admire you for being able to navigate such snowy icy roads...and with semi trucks...and deer to contend with, too!

Sure is pretty, though.