Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Boxes

This Christmas was a weird one for us. We didn't take a trip to Oklahoma for any of the holidays because we are moving from our apartment to our new condo, so everything is in boxes. We didn't even have enough room for a Christmas tree, so I bought a little 18 inch tree at Ace Hardware. This is the first time in my life I didn't decorate a big tree!! We also missed seeing our family and my mom's Christmas tree. My mom's tree is the best Christmas tree you could ever see, hands down! The big fancy department stores have nothing on her. Christmas Eve we had our usual Emilio's dinner. It was a chilly 8 degrees that evening.
We let the kids open their gifts on Christmas Eve. Garrett had a little help from Samurai.
Savanna in her new Roxy hoodie and one of the hats from the Snowboard World Cup that was in Telluride last week.
Maralee got the skis she wanted, the K2 Luv Bugs.
The kids got up at 5 a.m. on Christmas morning, so by the time I got up the living room was a mess with all of their gifts scattered from Santa. I didn't even take a Christmas Day photo other than Maralee in her new outfit. She really wanted a dress, so I bought her a sweater dress with a matching vest and she loved them so much she wore the dress all day.Now it's time to pack up my office equipment and move it to the condo! I'll have to blog about the Snowboard Cup next week!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!

From our home to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Happened People!

I haven't been up skiing much this season due to us getting ready to move into our new condo and some sickness with vertigo, but I do have confirmation that my porcupine friend is alive and well! Our youth pastor Andy Konigsmark has a blog post about him today at That happened people! I have been meaning to mention his blog for awhile and now seems like the perfect time. I guess he wasn't as brave (or dumb) as I was in approaching the porcupine! Anyway, Andy's blog is hilarious and if you want a blog to follow that will have you laughing every day, this is the one! The first time we saw Andy was before he even came to Telluride when he was a contestant on American Gladiators. We were rooting for the youth pastor with curly hair and didn't realize it was him until he had been in Telluride for awhile. I don't think Andy likes for people to mention him being on the show, but how many teens can say their youth pastor was on American Gladiator? I have mentioned our wonderful Pastor Tree and his wife Robbin before and posted our Mountaintop Church photos, and I'm so thankful that we have an awesome youth pastor Andy and his precious wife Dodi here now. Garrett has really bonded with Andy and it's his desire to get to church that has actually made me less lazy and more likely to get up on Sunday mornings. We are truly blessed to have all four of these people in our little mountain church Alpine Chapel. This photo is of the youth Christmas party Sunday night. Garrett is proudly wearing the pink Snuggie that I won/stole for him in the white elephant gift exchange. Savanna is on the right still in her ski gear after sledding on the golf course in the dark. Andy is back there holding up a whoopie cushion and Dodi is the pretty smiling woman in the front with the purple scarf. I should mention they have a baby on the way expected to make his/her appearance in March!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Savanna's Band Concert

Wednesday was Savanna's Christmas band concert. As you can see, the middle school band is pretty small. My camera didn't do so well with the lighting, but I did get a couple of good videos.
This one is The Little Drummer Boy. You can definitely hear Savanna since there are only three trombone players.

Santa's Rockin' Holiday Mix

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm on!!!

I'm sure you have noticed the big link above to my 2010 Telluride calendar at Lulu Studio. This week Lulu placed my calendar in the Amazon Marketplace! They sent me an e-mail letting me know my calendar was selected for this. It never even occurred to me to make a calendar until Jacob in Florida requested one. He has a few blogs, two of which are Ocala Daily Photo and Florida Fotos. Although I have links on my Telluride Daily Photo blog, I'm not telling this story or making a big deal of it there. I believe it is part of the agreement with City Daily Photo that they want bloggers that are not trying to make a profit, which I really am not. I just created this calendar for fun! You can view it on Amazon HERE. However, if you want to see a full preview of the calendar you need to view it on Lulu Studio. Also this week, local blogger and author Maribeth Clemente used one of my photos and mentioned my calendar. Her blog is the beautiful and elegant Bonjour Colorado. Thanks Maribeth!

Sledding Videos

I completely forgot that I had videos of Maralee and Savanna sledding back a few weeks ago. They turned out really good so I thought I would post them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We have had blizzard conditions here for over 24 hours. The snow accumulation will now be counted in feet instead of inches! This is great news for the World Snowboarding Cup that will be in Telluride next week. Savanna is hoping to get Lindsey Jacobellis to sign her snowboard. Good luck on getting little cars out of the parking lot! Every time the plow goes by, the snow is piled up higher and higher.
I went to Zia Sun today to buy Parker's (my nephew) Christmas present! I think he'll like it!

Maralee's Christmas Concert

The elementary school's Christmas concert was this morning. We are currently having a blizzard, but a little ole thing like a blizzard doesn't stop things in Telluride!
There are about 60 kids in the third grade class and they were outstanding!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Putting the Snow to Good Use

When the ski area starts making snow for the ski season, it doesn't take long for a huge mound of snow to pile up at the bottom of lift 7 and is completely irresistible to the kids. Savanna has been sledding several times already, and Sunday I took Maralee. She loves sledding!
Who says you need a sled?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ready or Not, Winter is Here!

We had a couple of feet of snow this weekend, and with these cold temperatures, I think the snow is here to stay! I cleaned off my Jeep three times since Saturday morning. As long as there is no ice to scrape off the windshield, I usually enjoy cleaning off the snow. It is against the law to let your car idle for more than three minutes in Telluride to keep the particulates in the environment low in the canyon, so you're pretty much on your own with scraping while the car warms up. The heaviest snow fell on Saturday with very poor visibility for driving.
Sunday was a little bit clearer, but Ajax was still hiding.
Today we have bluebird skies with white so bright it knocks your eyes out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garrett and the Nugget Theatre

I realized that Garrett has been neglected on my blog lately. The older he gets, it seems he is around less and less between working and being with his friends. He also works at least two evenings a week at the Nugget Theatre. He loves his job and I think it is really teaching him responsibility and how to manage money (or how to blow money and then regret it later, HA).
Our movie theater has one screen and if you visit the website you will see it is, "Telluride's finest movie theater serving the best popcorn in the west." It also doubles as the location for our church, Alpine Chapel, until our new chapel is finished being built.

Barbara and Kelli's Visit

Barbara, Jay's mom, is definitely our most frequent visitor, but when she flew here last week she was accompanied by Kelli, Jay's sister!! It was Kelli's first time to visit us here. Our nephew, Josh is Kelli's son and he was moving into his Durango apartment, so it was the perfect time to help him get settled in and to see us in Telluride. Finding things to do in the off-season can be a challenge. We took a drive over Last Dollar Road at dusk.
We drove to Durango via highway 550 so Kelli could see Red Mountain Pass, which also means she got to see Ridgway, Ouray and Silverton before we arrived in Durango.
We spent a little bit of time in downtown Durango before we all went to Wal-Mart and helped Josh stock up on necessities for his new apartment. I stupidly did not get a picture of Josh with Kelli or Barbara!
We spent some time doing touristy things in Telluride, visiting shops and stuff. This is the safe that Butch Cassidy robbed during his first bank robbery. The safe is located inside Sunglass HQ.
We had a great visit and can't wait to see Barbara and Kelli again!! Hopefully sometime we can all be here at the same time when Kelli can bring the rest of the family to see Josh and Barbara and Paul can come up!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maralee's Project

As a followup to the third grade trip to Mesa Verde and the Anasazi Heritage Center, the kids had to complete a big project in which they made something that they learned about and wrote two paragraphs explaining everything, then presented it to the class. Maralee chose to make pottery and really enjoyed it. She was a little nervous during her presentation, but I think that is to be expected of 8 and 9 year olds! I think she did a great job!