Friday, January 30, 2009

Various Winter Scenes

The clouds have made for some pretty photos this week!! The first photo is obviously from my office window, probably the 10,000 time I've taken one from here. Tipi in Ute Park.
The beginning of the Sundance ski run from Ute Park.
Stopping to look at the clouds from the top of Ute Park.
Bridges ski run.
At the end of the day there was something about the way the sun was hitting the Galloping Goose ski run that made me stop and stare. It kind of glowed.
Looking way over there, you can see the neighborhood of Aldasoro Ranch.
I took this video while riding lift 7 down. It's the fastest way for me to get home when I don't want to ski Telluride Trail. I caught a little bit of the racing on Milk Run before my camera got too cold and shut itself off.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Savanna Learns to Ski

I'm not sure if Jay learning to snowboard inspired Savanna, but she wants to be a well-rounded winter athlete and be able to snowboard and ski, depending on snow conditions and who she is with since several of her friends are skiers. Sunday we rented her skis and boots at Telluride Sports and Jay was her instructor. She did unbelievably great and is a natural!!
Savanna has no fear of anything outdoors, and I'm sure that is what helped her progress so much in one day. She was able to make some great turns and learned to stop pretty easily.
What all of this boils down to is now Savanna wants her own ski equipment!! Renting was over $30 for one day, so it makes sense to go ahead and buy her her own stuff, so we found some great prices on Roxy skis and boots that are so cool I'm sure we will take pictures of them and put on the blog. The good thing about buying new equipment is we can save it for Maralee, too. Savanna hasn't had any new equipment since we moved here since we were given snowboard boots and snowboards from some friends, so she is really excited.
This is Savanna skiing down Double Cabins for the first time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blast From The Past!!

I have a new scanner!! It's a Dell printer/scanner/copier. Oh boy am I going to have so much fun scanning old photos. This is me and Terresa at the prom in 1990. Terresa has been my best friend since we were 5 years old!! Now we don't see each other much since she is in New Jersey and I'm in Colorado. The last time we saw each other was April 2007 when she was visiting her brother in Colorado Springs. Hopefully we can do that again sometime soon! More old photos will be showing up on my blog, for sure!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three Day Weekend

A three day weekend for us means an extra day of skiing for the kids. The teachers had a work day on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but no school for students! I took a few photos of the kids in the Ute Park terrain park again, and finally got some pictures of Garrett.
Maralee is doing great this year. She can finally get on and off the ski lifts all by herself, too. I'm not sure if its because she has gotten taller, the new ski boots or both. She's having a blast in both of these videos.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jay's First Attempt at Snowboarding

Since Garrett's snowboard and boots are the right size for Jay, he decided to try out snowboarding this week. Jay thinks it would be fun to be able to ski and snowboard and be able to pick what he wants to do for current snow conditions. We've always heard that the first 2 to 3 days of snowboarding are difficult with lots of falls, and they were correct. Instead of getting a lesson, Jay just had Garrett and Savanna teach him. First time getting off of a ski lift with a snowboard. Looks pretty tricky to me! Snowboarders have to undo the bindings on one foot to ride ski lifts.
Jay is behind Maralee here carefully coming down the Meadows.
We finished the day with a trip down Double Cabins. Jay is sitting in the center. He fell a lot all day and was totally exhausted. I think he still wants to get better at snowboarding, but I'm not sure how soon he will attempt this again!! Now Savanna is wanting to learn how to ski so she can choose what she wants to do depending on who she is boarding/skiing with.
Jay is kind of right of center here snowboarding slowly. In the beginning you can see Savanna's head for a second, and later Garrett comes into view wearing the orange-ish coat and black helmet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life in the High Country

We are enjoying all of that snow that we got in December! The snow has slowed down this month. I don't think this will be a record-setting January. I took some photos in the Ute Park terrain park on Sunday. It was an overcast day, but these turned out kind of cool. The first one is Savanna's friend catching some air. Savanna is in the air here, but it's kind of hard to see. You may need to click on the photo to see it larger.
Jay is obviously in the air here!
Tuesday it was an absolutely beautiful day!! When the sky is clear and sunny, it's a bluebird day for skiing. This is Wilson Peak from the upper Galloping Goose ski run.
Jay flying in to have lunch at Gorrono's.
Our friends Adam and Shai flew in and stayed with us this week. They were our ski instructors last year and this winter they are working in New York. We skied with them so many times last winter that we became great friends. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Shai skiing. This one is Adam coming in at the bottom of lift 4. It was good for Jay to have some guys to ski the hard stuff with for a few days.
Adam and Shai at the end of one of our ski days.

Full Moon in Telluride

Under the full moon Saturday, it was very bright around here and so amazing. It is unusual to be able to see Ajax Peak at night.

Telluride High School

It seems like every kid dreads going back to school after Christmas break. This year Garrett really didn't want to go back, but he had forgotten it was time for ISP (Intensive Study Period) class for two weeks again. Garrett has been in a class building a go-cart since school started back up! The students had a few choices to choose for the winter ISP class. If you want to see what our high school students have been up to, check out this VIDEO. So basically Garrett was out of school for two weeks for the holidays, went back to school to build a go-cart for two weeks around their ski PE days, and will be out of school this coming Monday for a teacher work day. The kids in these schools have the life, I tell ya!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing But Skiing

Ski, ski, ski, that's what we do all winter. I haven't done anything on this blog in over a week! Sorry. Here is a cool photo when I was riding lift 7 going over the gondola. I've been taking pictures in the same places that I've already posted here before. Hopefully I'll have more to share next week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ouray Hot Springs At Night

Night photos are always difficult to take and interesting to see how they turn out. The steam looks neat in night photos at Ouray Hot Springs.
The next two look like there was a huge, full moon. It's actually one of the lights at the pool. We thought it might be crowded with people that had skied in Telluride all day, but it wasn't crowded at all. Even though the temperature was in the 20's, I still got too hot in the hottest part of the pool which was about 102 degrees.


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