Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jay's First Attempt at Snowboarding

Since Garrett's snowboard and boots are the right size for Jay, he decided to try out snowboarding this week. Jay thinks it would be fun to be able to ski and snowboard and be able to pick what he wants to do for current snow conditions. We've always heard that the first 2 to 3 days of snowboarding are difficult with lots of falls, and they were correct. Instead of getting a lesson, Jay just had Garrett and Savanna teach him. First time getting off of a ski lift with a snowboard. Looks pretty tricky to me! Snowboarders have to undo the bindings on one foot to ride ski lifts.
Jay is behind Maralee here carefully coming down the Meadows.
We finished the day with a trip down Double Cabins. Jay is sitting in the center. He fell a lot all day and was totally exhausted. I think he still wants to get better at snowboarding, but I'm not sure how soon he will attempt this again!! Now Savanna is wanting to learn how to ski so she can choose what she wants to do depending on who she is boarding/skiing with.
Jay is kind of right of center here snowboarding slowly. In the beginning you can see Savanna's head for a second, and later Garrett comes into view wearing the orange-ish coat and black helmet.


DaveO said...

I hope Jay will enjoy snowboarding as he progresses along. It has a smooth groove in soft snow, but takes a bit more effort in keeping the board straight down the fall line, due to foot placement. Switching between board and skis is a good way of using conditions as they occur. I like using a snowboard for powder-soft trail days, but icy-packed conditions are not always fun. That's when skis rule. I'm hoping to go snowboarding soon with friends in Utah near Salt Lake City, where two ski areas have free use between 4-6pm. That way, if my leg doesn't like the experience, i can quit without ticket shock. Great photos,and like the Arches pics too!

DaveO said...

Your photos show great detail to snow conditions and scenery! Learning on packed snow takes more careful skill, since rolling the edges can be a bit tricky the first time. Looks like getting off the lift shown isn't too bad, with a good smooth transition. Two ski areas in the San Juan Mts that have bad lift exits for snowboarders: Hesperus and Wolf Creek's Treasure chair. Both places give little time to prepare for the steep-short ramp and quick turn at the bottom of ramp, while having the rear binding unbuckled. Clipless or Flow-brand bindings may help that situation. Gosh, i sound like a reviewer on your blog! :-)

julie said...

Will tried snowboarding, but fell on his wrist so much, it hurt. He sticks to skiing, now.

Helen also tried snowboarding last year, but didn't get too far in the little time she had to give it, so she switched back to skis.

I know Jay will excel in snowboarding, and Savanna at skiing, and they'll both have the luxury of choosing which to do! :)