Thursday, January 29, 2009

Savanna Learns to Ski

I'm not sure if Jay learning to snowboard inspired Savanna, but she wants to be a well-rounded winter athlete and be able to snowboard and ski, depending on snow conditions and who she is with since several of her friends are skiers. Sunday we rented her skis and boots at Telluride Sports and Jay was her instructor. She did unbelievably great and is a natural!!
Savanna has no fear of anything outdoors, and I'm sure that is what helped her progress so much in one day. She was able to make some great turns and learned to stop pretty easily.
What all of this boils down to is now Savanna wants her own ski equipment!! Renting was over $30 for one day, so it makes sense to go ahead and buy her her own stuff, so we found some great prices on Roxy skis and boots that are so cool I'm sure we will take pictures of them and put on the blog. The good thing about buying new equipment is we can save it for Maralee, too. Savanna hasn't had any new equipment since we moved here since we were given snowboard boots and snowboards from some friends, so she is really excited.
This is Savanna skiing down Double Cabins for the first time.


julie said...

I have an inkling that skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding! She'll have loads of fun being able to do both!

D Herrod said...

Enjoyed checking out your blog. TY for stopping by.