Thursday, January 15, 2009

Telluride High School

It seems like every kid dreads going back to school after Christmas break. This year Garrett really didn't want to go back, but he had forgotten it was time for ISP (Intensive Study Period) class for two weeks again. Garrett has been in a class building a go-cart since school started back up! The students had a few choices to choose for the winter ISP class. If you want to see what our high school students have been up to, check out this VIDEO. So basically Garrett was out of school for two weeks for the holidays, went back to school to build a go-cart for two weeks around their ski PE days, and will be out of school this coming Monday for a teacher work day. The kids in these schools have the life, I tell ya!!

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julie said...

School in the mountain areas does seem a lot nicer than here. Hope the cart came out well!