Friday, January 30, 2009

Various Winter Scenes

The clouds have made for some pretty photos this week!! The first photo is obviously from my office window, probably the 10,000 time I've taken one from here. Tipi in Ute Park.
The beginning of the Sundance ski run from Ute Park.
Stopping to look at the clouds from the top of Ute Park.
Bridges ski run.
At the end of the day there was something about the way the sun was hitting the Galloping Goose ski run that made me stop and stare. It kind of glowed.
Looking way over there, you can see the neighborhood of Aldasoro Ranch.
I took this video while riding lift 7 down. It's the fastest way for me to get home when I don't want to ski Telluride Trail. I caught a little bit of the racing on Milk Run before my camera got too cold and shut itself off.

1 comment:

julie said...

I love the sound of skis carving!
It is always fascinating to watch clouds go over mountains, and I agree with the glow you caught in the Galloping Goose run... like a hilighted pathway.