Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Skiing Photos Taken by Jay

I thought I would share a few more of Jay's photos, taken in places that I don't ski! The first one is of the ski run Happy Thought.
View of Telluride from the Coonskin ski run as Jay skied home.

Revelation Bowl

Jay took the camera with him into Revelation Bowl since I don't ski in this area. The Revelation Lift is brand new this season and is our highest elevation lift, reaching 12,570 feet above sea level. Not only can advanced skiers ski the bowl, the new lift also provides easier access to the Gold Hill Chutes and backcountry skiing into Bear Creek.
The Bear Creek observation deck.
You can see Telluride way down there, kind of right of center in this one.
This last photo was taken right off of the top of the Revelation lift (15) and looking down at the Gold Hill Express (lift 14). The brownish area on the left is where the wind has blown away the snow, probably blown right into Revelation Bowl.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maralee Turns 8

It's hard to believe Maralee is 8 years old!! Her birthday was yesterday and I think she had a good one. We made cupcakes in ice cream cones for her class, and after school we took her to Montrose. We told her we would take her anywhere she wanted for dinner, and she still picked McDonald's. I think we've had McDonald's for her birthday every year since she turned 3 or so. I don't feel bad about taking her there, though, because we hardly ever eat fast food and she probably only gets a Happy Meal 3 or 4 times a year now.
Maralee picked out a Schwinn bike at Target and is really excited to start riding it. This will be perfect to ride in the park this summer!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extreme Skiing/Snowboarding

Jay was off work today, and since Maralee and I stayed home, he was able to take Garrett and Savanna on some harder runs. Garrett and Savanna did their first hike-to run, Genevieve, into Prospect Bowl.
From the top of lift 12, they headed left on the hiking trail, carrying their snowboards and skis.
For the extreme skier, you can hike on up to the top of Palmyra Peak and ski down.
If you want a better look at Garrett and Savanna in the next three photos, click on them to see them larger.
Next, Jay and the kids hiked over to the West Lake EX (extreme terrain) run that goes into Black Iron Bowl. They headed a little to the left to avoid the really extreme part of that run.
I thought I would end this pictorial with a photo that Jay took of Wilson Peak, from the top of lift 9. Today was a beautiful, sunny day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Snow-Free Place To Play

Garrett has been bugging me for forever to take him to the Montrose skatepark. I finally took the kids there on President's Day. We decided not to stand in the lift lines to ski again that day. The skatepark is in Baldridge Park right by the Uncompahgre River. I'm sure Garrett will want me to drop him off here when I go to Wal-Mart from now on.
Savanna liked the park because there are places for beginners and advanced skaters.
Maralee enjoyed the snow-free playground. The Telluride Town Park will be under snow for a few more months.
I don't know if I've ever seen so many geese, ducks and swans crammed into such a small place, most of them trying to avoid the ice. The ducks were the only ones out walking on the ice.
Maralee couldn't resist scaring the ducks and geese back out onto the ice.
Not sure why all the birds were so loud. It might be because there was a little dog walking around us.

Ute Terrain Park

President's Day is a big, crowded 4-day weekend in Telluride. Lots of tourists showed up, which meant lift lines, something we are spoiled to NOT having. We even had to wait in line to get on the lift in Ute Park Sunday. The kids still had a good time and Savanna chose to ski instead of snowboard on Sunday since I was with her. She snowboarded the previous two days with her friends. Maralee actually caught some air here.
Savanna's new Roxy skis and boots. Very cool. They are the Abracadabra 2008-2009 ski.
The kids are having fun in these videos! Warning: There is someone that falls in the first video and there is a fast curse word (just FYI in case your sound is turned up).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

One of my earliest memories of visiting Colorado is going to the Great Sand Dunes. Of course, back then it was still just a National Monument, and didn't become a national park until the year 2004. These are the oldest photos that I have from the Sand Dunes. I would love to scan some photos of when I was little, but they are all at my mom's house in Oklahoma. This first group of photos is from August 1993.
The Great Sand Dunes are on the eastern side of the high mountain San Luis Valley and cover about 39 square miles and rise to almost 750 feet. The dunes were created by the wind and rain eroding the San Juan and Sangre De Cristo Mountains. They are always changing and always a fun and beautiful place to visit!
Here is our old Isuzu Trooper sharing the parking lot with a horse. We camped at the Sand Dunes and hiked around quite a bit. We even saw a lot of bats come out at night around the campground.
From what I remember, there was some kind of sand sculpture festival going on that week.
The next two are from August 1998, Garrett's first trip to Colorado. We really need to take the kids back there and camp this summer. Of course, one of our goals is to drive over Medano Pass, the four wheel-drive trail!