Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Engineer and Imogene Passes in the Past

In the summer of 1998, we drove up to the summit of Engineer Pass from the Ouray side. We didn't have enough time to complete the trail, but did make it to the top for a summit photo. Look how little Garrett was! This was a few weeks before he turned 4. This photo turned out very dark, but it was during our camping trip in August of 1993 that Jay and I first drove over Imogene Pass from Telluride to Ouray. Little did we know we would live here one day. Our old Isuzu Trooper is there on the left. It was coughing and stuttering and really scared Jay as we climbed out of the Tomboy ghost town. I think we used a case of oil or more on that trip, and had to change the spark plugs a couple of times. This was after the starter had gone out at the summit of Wolf Creek Pass. I can see Wilson Peak to the right of the summit sign! This was my dad's first trip over Imogene in 1998. Wilson Peak is right below the left side of my head. We also rode the gondola in Telluride the first summer it was open.

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julie said...

Isn't amazing where life takes you? The same thing happens to me!

Boy, Lisa, your hair was short in 1998! :)