Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extreme Skiing/Snowboarding

Jay was off work today, and since Maralee and I stayed home, he was able to take Garrett and Savanna on some harder runs. Garrett and Savanna did their first hike-to run, Genevieve, into Prospect Bowl.
From the top of lift 12, they headed left on the hiking trail, carrying their snowboards and skis.
For the extreme skier, you can hike on up to the top of Palmyra Peak and ski down.
If you want a better look at Garrett and Savanna in the next three photos, click on them to see them larger.
Next, Jay and the kids hiked over to the West Lake EX (extreme terrain) run that goes into Black Iron Bowl. They headed a little to the left to avoid the really extreme part of that run.
I thought I would end this pictorial with a photo that Jay took of Wilson Peak, from the top of lift 9. Today was a beautiful, sunny day!

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julie said...

Goodness! How far they have come since they first started last year! :)