Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ute Terrain Park

President's Day is a big, crowded 4-day weekend in Telluride. Lots of tourists showed up, which meant lift lines, something we are spoiled to NOT having. We even had to wait in line to get on the lift in Ute Park Sunday. The kids still had a good time and Savanna chose to ski instead of snowboard on Sunday since I was with her. She snowboarded the previous two days with her friends. Maralee actually caught some air here.
Savanna's new Roxy skis and boots. Very cool. They are the Abracadabra 2008-2009 ski.
The kids are having fun in these videos! Warning: There is someone that falls in the first video and there is a fast curse word (just FYI in case your sound is turned up).

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julie said...

I miss the ski sounds! Great to hear them here... the quiet, the slicing and shooshing, the screams... ;)

The kids are doing great!