Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PlumTV Update

I have done several blog entries for the Telluride Insider Blog at PlumTV.com in the past few weeks. Today they put up a new profile about me. If you are interested in seeing it, click HERE.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Telluride 1986

It was apparently a cloudy day when we visited Telluride one afternoon in 1986. These pictures my dad took look very mystical. The right side of Bridal Veil Falls was really flowing hard compared to the left that day. Clouds swirling around Ingram Falls.
This is the kids' fishing pond at town park. After the snow melts, I plan to find this spot and re-create the photo.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ouray 1975

Living in a tourist town, I talk to lots of people in town, riding the gondola, and riding the ski lifts. A question that I'm often asked when they find out I didn't grow up skiing is how we found this town? I explain that I've been visiting Colorado since I was tiny, and we spent the most time in the San Juan Mountains. This is me in Ouray in 1975 standing with my grandparents! I was the only grandchild back then since my brother and cousins weren't born yet. We took a lot of road trips in Colorado and literally drove through or spent the night in all of the mountain towns you can think of, but my grandpa and my dad were always drawn back to Ouray. We would drive to Ridgway and up the divide to Telluride for the day sometimes.
Ouray really hasn't changed that much along Main Street. It's nice that some things stay the same.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Telluride 1982

This is the photo I used on my Telluride Daily Photo blog today, but I just had to post it here, too! This photo was taken by my dad when we were on vacation in 1982. I'm still laughing at that blue phone booth on the right. Seems to be in a very strange place! Nothing looks familiar to me in this photo other than the mountains and the elementary school.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bad Moon Rising

No, this little story isn't really about Creedence Clearwater Revival, but ♪ Bad Moon Rising ♫ has been going through my head all week because of the great show that the moon has been putting on over Telluride. This first photo is on my Telluride Daily Photo blog today for SkyWatch Friday.
My camera isn't great for nighttime photos, but I had to get a few of the moon rising over Ajax Peak. It was amazing! When there is a full moon over Telluride, you can see everything, especially when there is snow on the peaks.
I know what Jay will be thinking when he reads this. When he was entering Kuwait during Desert Storm, ♪ Bad Moon Rising ♫ was playing on the radio. Comforting? No.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Savanna, Snowboarder Turned Skier?

Savanna skied two days in a row this week. I'm surprised she didn't pick snowboarding one of those days! It is nice to have her spend the day with me on my level though. This run is my favorite blue, Marmot.
Savanna and I in front of the Ute Park tipi.
View from inside the High Camp Warming Hut at the top of lift 12.
The gondola and town from Telluride Trail.
Savanna skiing Marmot.

Jay likes to ski Marmot really fast.

Another Visit From the Porcupine

Savanna and I were skiing around lift 12 this week and went to look for the porcupine. He was in line at the Lynx pomma lift this time, kind of harrassing everyone for food. I didn't see anyone feed him, which is good because he needs to survive on his own.
I took several videos!

It is obvious the porcupine hangs around here for food, so it's probably not a smart thing to hold your finger out to him! My camera shut itself off in this video, but you get the idea of what happened.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My 200th Post!!

This is my 200th Mountains Rule blog entry!! It only seems appropriate to choose a photo of Wilson Peak for this occasion. I took this photo earlier this week from lift 4. Yesterday I was given the Butterfly Award from Janie & Steve’s Utah Trails. Thanks so much! I have been following this blog for awhile. She goes on some amazing trips and adventures and tells her stories in a way similar to my blog.
I have a few bloggers that I would like to pass this award to. The winners can download the photo and pass it on to their favorite blogs if they so choose.
1. Something’s Burning… I have followed this blog it's beginning. Starwoodgal has a great number of recipes, funny family stories, and sometimes pictures of Gus, her Alaskan Malamute. 2. Soup Is Not A Finger Food Always entertaining, a wide variety of topics shared, including some of the struggles of life that this blogger faces head on.
3. Alaskan Explorer Living in Alaska and having encounters with wildlife on a regular basis keep me visiting this blog.
4. Nostalgia: Today and Yesterday A wide variety of traveling photos and stories, also one of my faithful blog followers that always has a nice comment for me.
5. photography by jules Just look at these photos! No explanation needed for why I picked this blog.
6. The 7MSN Ranch I just found this blog a few weeks ago, and I keep going back to it. What could be better than a ranch with 2 donkeys and a cat named Deets?
7. Laughing Orca Ranch This is my newest favorite blog. I actually just found this blog yesterday from visiting SkyWatch Friday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


What an honor it has been to be invited to be a part of the new Telluride Insider blog for PlumTV.com. I was a little suspicious when I received the invitation via e-mail from the editorial team last week, but it is definitely legitimate! Apparently they found me on Twitter and liked both my Mountains Rule and my Telluride Daily Photo blogs. My very first blog entry has been posted on their website today and you can see it HERE. At times like this I am reminded of how far I've come with photography and creating blogs. The reason I first bought a digital camera was to sell a bunch of stuff on eBay. This was when we lived in Oklahoma before we started looking into moving to Telluride. When I first started posting photos and blogs, I had no idea what I was doing, and sometimes I still feel that way, but it has turned into a great hobby. I love showing people the places and things we've seen and done. I'm not sure why, but the increased blog traffic makes me a little nervous and excited all at once. I'm always open to questions and suggestions and I feel very humbled that I have blog followers that visit on a regular basis. Thank you to all of my blog viewers and thank you to PlumTV!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Friendly Porcupine

Finally seeing a porcupine in the wild was the highlight of my week!! I have been looking for one in the area of the Lynx lift since last year. This little guy was on a ski run kind of near the Lynx. At first I was afraid I was getting too close, but I wanted a good picture of his face. He apparently wasn't too scared because he proceeded to try to climb my leg!
I think he must be one of the porcupines that the lift workers at the Lynx used to feed. The forest service made them stop so that the porcupines don't depend on humans for food. A lot of skiers wear backpacks full of lunch and snacks, so I'm thinking he is still being fed.
Look at him begging this snowboarder for food!
I placed this video on Facebook and had such a huge response, I also uploaded it to YouTube. I really, really wish the video was longer, but I was getting nervous and I didn't want the sound of me freaking out on video!