Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Visit From the Porcupine

Savanna and I were skiing around lift 12 this week and went to look for the porcupine. He was in line at the Lynx pomma lift this time, kind of harrassing everyone for food. I didn't see anyone feed him, which is good because he needs to survive on his own.
I took several videos!

It is obvious the porcupine hangs around here for food, so it's probably not a smart thing to hold your finger out to him! My camera shut itself off in this video, but you get the idea of what happened.


Barb said...

Lisa - I absolutely can't believe this porcupine is so tame! I was looking for "mine" today at the ski area, but I sure know it's not going to be in line at the lift! I'd be a little freaked if a porky balanced at my leg - don't its quills ever come out? When I have porcupines trying to get on my deck, they leave quills all over the place. (Not to mention stuck in any dog that wanders by...)

~Cheryl said...

I can't get over your porupine pal! What a character.

Lisa Wilson said...

I've never seen his quills come out. I'm sure they would if you were hiking with a dog. I heard there is a rescue porcupine up there that had been injured and taken care of, then release back into the wild. This could be him.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well somebody's to to be feeding him or else he wouldn't waste the energy begging everyone for food.He sure is adorable, though. I bet it's so tempting for some people to pet him. lol!

I was just thinking about how many people have probably posted photos or video of your porcupine. He's probably famous! hehe


Beth Niquette said...

Porcupines are so cute. How unusual for one to be out in the daytime, and extremely odd to see one so tame. They are quite prolific here in the Willamette Valley, but I think I've only see two live porcupins in my life. Normally, they can be found by the side of the road having fallen victim to the wheels of cars.