Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Friendly Porcupine

Finally seeing a porcupine in the wild was the highlight of my week!! I have been looking for one in the area of the Lynx lift since last year. This little guy was on a ski run kind of near the Lynx. At first I was afraid I was getting too close, but I wanted a good picture of his face. He apparently wasn't too scared because he proceeded to try to climb my leg!
I think he must be one of the porcupines that the lift workers at the Lynx used to feed. The forest service made them stop so that the porcupines don't depend on humans for food. A lot of skiers wear backpacks full of lunch and snacks, so I'm thinking he is still being fed.
Look at him begging this snowboarder for food!
I placed this video on Facebook and had such a huge response, I also uploaded it to YouTube. I really, really wish the video was longer, but I was getting nervous and I didn't want the sound of me freaking out on video!


Lois said...

OMG Lisa that porcupine is so cute! How could anyone resist feeding that little guy? His face is adorable! Those are great pictures and I love the video.

Janie said...

Those are amazing photos and video. I would have been nervous, too! We saw a porcupine beside the ski trail at Solitude once. He didn't come up to us, though. Last summer, my dog had an unfortunate encounter with one. She had quill remnants emerging from her face for weeks. Lucky your little guy was in a good mood!

EcoRover said...

Thanks for the great porky pics and stories. They are getting scarce in many areas because of cars and subdivisions--sadly, many people think they are obligated to kill every one they see.

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,
I've been seeing porcupines at Breckenridge Ski Area, too, and have blogged about my encounters. But none has been as close as yours! Great pics.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago the Rocky Mountain Ark rehabilitated a porcupine and released it back to the wild at the top of Lift 10. I wonder if this could be the same little guy?
Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and video.

NoBS said...

How cute is that!

Beth Niquette said...

What lovely photos! I happen to be a fan of porcupines--they do live in the Willamette Valley, but are rarely seen. Their faces are so adorable. Thanks for sharing this!