Thursday, March 12, 2009

Savanna, Snowboarder Turned Skier?

Savanna skied two days in a row this week. I'm surprised she didn't pick snowboarding one of those days! It is nice to have her spend the day with me on my level though. This run is my favorite blue, Marmot.
Savanna and I in front of the Ute Park tipi.
View from inside the High Camp Warming Hut at the top of lift 12.
The gondola and town from Telluride Trail.
Savanna skiing Marmot.

Jay likes to ski Marmot really fast.


Anonymous said...

Well i'll be the first today. I wish i could be near a sky resort. I guess as long as you are blogging i can pretend and be warm too. I wonder about how do you get down a hill and return at any point? Does the lift run close to your slopes? Thanks for the snow videos.

Lisa Wilson said...

We have 17 ski lifts, some are real lifts, one is a pomma lift, 2 magic carpets, and 2 gondolas. You end up back at the bottom of a lift at some point. Our longest ski run is almost 5 miles long. It takes 3 lifts to get to the top of it!