Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barbara's Visit and the Off Season

Jay's mom got a great deal on a round trip flight to visit us while the kids were on spring break. It is a challenge to find something to do during the off season, but it snowed and snowed for the first two days Barbara was here, so she spent a lot of time with the kids inside playing games. I took the first two pictures with Barbara's camera when we walked around in Mt. Village after the snow stopped and it started to warm up.
Barbara took this one of us in front of the new ice skating area at the new Capella hotel.
Jay still didn't have skiing out of his system, so Barbara and I dropped him off in Mt. Village one afternoon and Jay hiked for awhile and then skied back down into Telluride.
The much-needed water line replacement is going on in Telluride right now, so Main Street is a mess.
This is something you don't see everyday, but still not a bad view!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Disney's California Adventures

Our original plan was to go to Universal Studios on our last day in LA, but since we went into Disneyland with premium season pass holders, they made our ticket a 2-for-1, so our California Adventures admission was free! You can't beat free!

California Adventures is kind of like Disneyland Part 2. It seems to be much more open and less crowded than Disneyland.

Unfortunately there was no water in the pier since they are doing some new construction.
I didn't ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror because I don't like rides that are similar to an elevator shooting up and then dropping. I was surprised that Maralee liked the ride.
We only saw Pooh characters walking around in Disneyland, and then saw Goofy and Sully at California Adventures. I think if you are visiting these parks, you should see Mickey and Minnie every five minutes. They must have been on vacation or something.
Savanna and Wall-E.
Maralee and Ariel.
The parade was definitely worth stopping for and much more exciting than your usual parade.
You may have to enlarge this photo to see the fire coming out of Jack-Jack's head.
My favorite was Toy Story, such a huge part of Garrett's childhood.
This last photo of the pier is the last photo I took in California.

Easter Sunday in California

Easter was during our spring break trip, so we planned an Easter egg hunt (of course) and a visit to the LA Zoo. Maralee and Savanna hunted eggs in Ari and Kristen's courtyard.
Even though we drove through Hollywood a couple of times, I never got a decent picture of the HOLLYWOOD sign. How sad is that? We tried to go to the observatory, but it was packed and there wasn't a place to park for 2 miles.
I took this photo at the LA Zoo just for my dad.
We are in front of the gorilla exhibit here. You can see how much taller Garrett has grown in the past few months.
Desert bighorn sheep!
I didn't take a lot of photos at the LA Zoo. I really wish we had taken the time to drive to the San Diego Zoo. Since we were there on Easter, the zoo was absolutely packed, and it wasn't as nice as the Tulsa or OK City Zoos, which made me feel kind of uninspired to take many pictures.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aliki's Greek Taverna

Our friend Ari's mom owns her own restaurant and olive oil business near the LA airport. Kristen had to work for a few hours while we were visiting them, so we were lucky enough to eat lunch there. If you are ever around LAX, stop in at Aliki's. You can visit their on line store and restaurant information HERE. I can't remember what this sign says!! Hopefully Kristen will comment and let us know. Jay and Ari are next to the variety of Greek items you can purchase.
This is Kristen hard at work! Everyone should have a friend like Kristen, but it's probably not possible because I think God only made one of her. :) Kristen is working hard helping out Ari's mom while Ari is attending the LA Film School. Hearing Ari talk about his school has sparked an interest in Garrett and it will be interesting to watch what happens with Ari and Kristen over the next few years career-wise.
All of the food we ordered and sampled was incredibly delicious, so much so that I didn't even think to take photos of the food!! I thoroughly enjoyed my lamb and Greek souvlaki. They use all fresh ingredients at Aliki's and take pride in their food and hard work that they do.


I'm starting my Disneyland blog post with Disney at night. This is my best photo of the castle at Disneyland. I think it looked more magical as the sun was going down.
We spent one day at Disneyland during spring break and we were fortunate to see the entire park and rode everything we wanted to ride. The shock of the park was there were so many people!! People were everywhere and Kristen said it wasn't even as crowded as usual. Sheesh.
Our first ride was the Astro Orbitor. Kristen and Maralee were right in front of Savanna and I, and then Jay and Garrett on ahead.
Maralee was excited to visit Tinker Bell's Pixie Hollow. This is Maralee with Silver Mist.
Tinker Bell.
Garrett looks very excited to be in Pixie Hollow.
The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.
Kristen and the girls looking at a picture while I took their picture on the Jungle Cruise.
Savanna had a ton of fun trying on all of the hats in the park. This was in the Nightmare Before Christmas shop.
Pirates of the Caribbean.
No trip to Disneyland is complete without riding the teacups at the Mad Tea Party. I have one word to describe this ride, ugh, especially when Savanna is in control of the spinning.
Savanna ended up buying this Mickey Mouse ears hat.
One more night time photo, where it looks like we took a trip to outer space. I was taking a picture of the moon and just happened to catch the surroundings.