Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aliki's Greek Taverna

Our friend Ari's mom owns her own restaurant and olive oil business near the LA airport. Kristen had to work for a few hours while we were visiting them, so we were lucky enough to eat lunch there. If you are ever around LAX, stop in at Aliki's. You can visit their on line store and restaurant information HERE. I can't remember what this sign says!! Hopefully Kristen will comment and let us know. Jay and Ari are next to the variety of Greek items you can purchase.
This is Kristen hard at work! Everyone should have a friend like Kristen, but it's probably not possible because I think God only made one of her. :) Kristen is working hard helping out Ari's mom while Ari is attending the LA Film School. Hearing Ari talk about his school has sparked an interest in Garrett and it will be interesting to watch what happens with Ari and Kristen over the next few years career-wise.
All of the food we ordered and sampled was incredibly delicious, so much so that I didn't even think to take photos of the food!! I thoroughly enjoyed my lamb and Greek souvlaki. They use all fresh ingredients at Aliki's and take pride in their food and hard work that they do.


Lois said...

Good thing you didn't take any pictures of the food because just reading about this place is making me hungry!

EcoRover said...

Greek food is tasty. In a former life we lived near two Greek restaraunts and I miss the kalamari and grape leaves most.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great sales pitch! I love Greek food. Yummo!
What fun to have friends who run a Greek Restaurant. Doesn't Telluride need a Greek restaurant, too?