Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moab in the Sky

Friday afternoon we experienced a very strange red dust storm blown in from southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah giving the sky colors ranging from brown to orange to red. This is the third dust storm we've had before a snowstorm, but this one was definitely the biggest. During the dust storm was the KOTO Radio Annual Pink Flamingo End of Season Street Dance and Costume Party complete with live music.
The dogs around the block party didn't seem to mind the dust too much.
The San Miguel County Courthouse looked eerie.
The dust is very bad for the snowpack. You can see here the reddish dirt covering the ski trails under the gondola.
Of course Saturday morning we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow!


Lois said...

All of those pictures are eerie looking Lisa! Was is difficult to breathe? Did you have a layer of dust on you when you got home?

Lisa Wilson said...

I think the air would have been bad for someone with asthma or other lung conditions. I did have a layer of dirt on my face and stuck to my lips. YUCK!

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,

This is the strangest phenomena! Your pictures have a sepia old-time feel. I told my husband to come look at them. When we xskied today, we saw "watermelon snow" as we climbed the trails above our house. I'll post it on my blog next week. It has been snowing off and on here in Breckenridge for several days. Keep warm...

mountain.mama said...

Occasionally the Uintah Basin gets the same effects from dust and it definitely is unpleasant for breathing. Makes cool pictures though.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I had no idea that happens to you guys up there. I figured the mountains kind of boxed you in and protected you from that sort of thing.
Spooky photos, too. Even the cars are covered in red dust and sand. Reminds me of pollen.
I suppose that the sand adds a few inches to your soil every year...and adds sediment to your streams, too.


julie said...

Must have been those tightly coiled series of low pressure systems that gave us honking winds even down here!

Surreal photos. I surely prefer Telluride in the sparkling sunshine! ;)