Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pelicans and the Redondo Beach Pier

Most of the people around the Rendondo Beach Pier weren't paying any attention to the pelicans. It was obvious who the tourists were. These two seemed to be the smartest pelicans of them all, perched on top of the area for fisherman to get rid of their fish guts after cleaning what they caught. If you can't see the sign, it says, "Insert fish parts only."
I wonder how many kids took a walk with a pelican for their spring break? This guy walked along with us for quite awhile.
The obvious tourists were in line to take a picture with this pelican.
I haven't been too wordy about the pelicans and the pier. The photos kind of speak for themselves!
I took a very short video at the end of our walk with the pelican. You can hear Kristen's voice here. I really miss her!


~Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful week filled with various activities. Yes, we were in San Diego the same week....good ole spring break! No pelicans for us to play with....I honestly didn't realize they are so big!

Janie said...

Great pelican shots. I had no idea they could be so tame.

The Eddy's said...

The pelicans are so cute! I sound like a giant tard though! : ) "Oooh, look at his extra webbed toe!" "Duuuhhh." I miss you too! I am so glad that you guys came down to visit us and the beach and the Disney parks and the sunshine...Ari and I really enjoyed having you all here, and I especially liked getting to know your kiddos better...they are really great people. ("people"?) Anyway, you know what I mean! : )

The Eddy's said...

by the way, you are an amazingly good photographer! You take really great pictures of people, animals and scenery!

Glennis said...

Yep I must be a tourist, I love the pelicans!

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