Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Snow

Lately we have had snow, snow and more snow. A couple of weeks ago we were fooled into thinking it was spring, just long enough for the kids to start skateboarding and Savanna broke her elbow. She is doing well and started some physical therapy exercises yesterday. The ski resort is reporting a total of 280 inches of snow since the beginning of ski season in November! We are supposed to get several more inches tonight and tomorrow. Should make for a great last day of skiing Sunday!


Barb said...

HI Lisa,
My husband just finished shoveling our deck (I went for a snowshoe). Lots of snow here, too, and calling for more. I love these 2 photos. The pic of red chairs in the snow looks as though spring hasn't quite made it to Telluride! Take another shot when all the snow melts... Is that house right on a ski trail? Hope your daughter does well with PT - what a bummer!

Lisa Wilson said...

Yes, those chairs and the house are along the Sundance ski run. I think we've had about 8 inches of new snow again since last night!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cool photos!

Sure doesn't look like Spring has arrived yet. :)

So sorry for Savanna. I hope she heals quickly...and painlessly, too. So she can get back up on her skateboard and give her Mama some more grey hairs. hehe