Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jud Wiebe Spring Hike

Our first hike this year was the Jud Wiebe trail. I kind of wanted to hike Bear Creek Falls, but was afraid it would be too muddy. Since Jud Wiebe is mostly in the sun, it seemed to be the better option. I already posted a new blog entry for that you can see HERE. Basically that entry states that the trail is a 2.7-mile loop with an elevation gain of 1,200 feet. Access for Jud Wiebe is at the north end of Aspen Street, and exits onto Tomboy Road. Although the trail can be hiked from Tomboy to Aspen Street, I usually prefer to start on the Aspen side. The views of Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls and the ski area are spectacular from the summit of the trail, which is about 10,200 feet. While the hike is rated as moderate in difficulty, I've seen everything from hikers with full-on gear to a man that looked to be about 75 years old running the trail as though it was the easiest thing in the world. The trail is named named after Jud Wiebe who designed the trail and passed away in 1986. Check out the aspen leaves!! This small tree had the first leaves I've seen this year.
View of the ski runs from the summit.
Aspen graffiti.
Crossing over to snow.
I was hoping that there wouldn't be any snow on the trail, but the shady portion does still have snow, packed down from so many hikers that were on the trail before us.
Descending back to town.
If you are interested in the lots for sale in these next two photos, you had better have a good architect.
I really liked the water running around the snow in this video. I need to say a big hello to Lois' grandson. Lois says that he loves to watch my waterfall videos. I thought he would enjoy this snow since he lives in Florida. Check out Lois' photos at Tallahassee Daily Photo.


*Lissa* said...

Gorgeous photos!

Lois said...

Thanks Lisa! I can't wait to show it to my grandson James. He will love seeing the snow! I will be seeing him tomorrow so I will show it to him then and let you know what he says.

Janie said...

The aspen leaves are beautiful. I'm surprised they're already out at that altitude, but a sunny location would sport them first, I'm sure.
I like the waterfall video, too.

EcoRover said...

Nice to see "the green fuse that drives the flower" (D Thomas) coming through! Architect, indeed--will we ever learn not to build in inappropriate places?

Lois said...

James says to tell you that the new waterfall video is awesome! You were right, he likes the snow!

Tammie Lee said...

Wonderful series of photos. I really like the pathway through the budding aspen trees.