Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Corkscrew Gulch

This year Jay and I decided to drive the Jeep trails that we have never been on before. Imogene and Black Bear Passes are still closed, so this week seemed like a good time to head for the trails near Ouray and Silverton. We began Corkscrew Gulch about 7.7 miles from Ouray up highway 550 at the sign for Idarado Mining. This is the best place to start if planning to go further on to more of the trails that connect to Corkscrew. The clouds had moved in and luckily we didn't get rained on during the drive over Corkscrew. The trail is easy, but can become difficult when muddy. There are some steep switchbacks and since the mud can become like clay, this can make the trail more difficult.
Corkscrew winds around in between Red Mountains 1 and 2. I'm surprised we haven't driven on this trail before since I do love the Red Mountains so much!
There is nothing like Jeeping up into the alpine tundra!!
Garrett was with us this time!! He hates to have his picture taken for some reason.
I didn't take very many photos of the road, but it is an easy trail and relatively wide. We descended into the Gladstone area.
I should mention Corkscrew is only 4.8 miles long and only takes about 30 minutes, but is well worth the trip!


Jacob said...

Your photos of this magnificent area say all that needs to be said about your love for that land!

What grandeur!

Lois said...

Those red mountains are gorgeous!

Margaret Ann said...

Each visit makes me homesick for a Colorado trip...I love reading your blog and viewing your adventures on the trails!