Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hike to Bear Creek Falls

I think that in Telluride the term "local's favorite" is overused because it seems that everything here is a favorite! We hiked a local's favorite trail Monday despite the chance of rain. I've posted several hikes up to the falls before, but should note that the trailhead is just off of South Pine Street. It is 2.5 miles to the falls with an elevation gain of 1,040 feet. I still don't have my hiking boots broken in that I bought last year. I finally gave up and tried Engo blister prevention patches, which go inside the boot, not on the feet. Success!! Finally no blisters. Now if I could just find the right arch support to keep my left knee from hurting, I'll be happy. I think I'm so flat-footed that it causes my iliotibial band to pull around my left knee making hiking anything steep painful.
First view of Bear Creek Falls.
I always say we manage to get into snow somehow year-round. This hike was on June 1st!
Check out the falls!! This is a much better quality of photo than I ever could get with my old camera. I did take a video of the waterfall, but my camera was in HD mode that will only play on a TV. I'll have to video it for the computer next time!
This is what Bear Creek Falls looked like when we were there in November.
Dark clouds were moving in, but we didn't get rained on.
At the end of the hike we had time to have lunch at Telluride's newest restaurant, Himalayas. We had chicken tikka masala and steamed dumplings. It was delicious!


Lois said...

That new camera is really taking some nice pictures Lisa! I thought the old camera did a great job too though. I've never heard of that band in your leg that's causing problems--it sounds painful!

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,
Great pictures with the Cybershot! Love the clarity of the falling water. So much rain in Breck - only time for a little gardening - not much hiking yet...

Janie said...

Beautiful scenes from your hike. Good luck with staying blister-free and finding support for the knee problem.

EcoRover said...

Gorgeous falls, at every season. My favorite technique for hiking boots is to wade in water and thoroughly soak the leather. Walk them dry and they'll fit. This works even with the newer Gortex-lined boots. Happy hiking!

Jacob said...

These are all wonderful and give us a great picture (pun intended) of the trail and the falls.

Kudos to you and your new camera.

Again, this is simply a gorgeous area...I can see why you love it so much!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Suck a cool looking restuarant. Yummy food, too, eh?

Those trails are so interesting and pretty. That was neat how you included the icy falls photo with the running water falls photo. What a contrast!

Sorry about your knee. I've had the same trouble, even before I tore my ACL, because I, too have flat feet. I bet Ibuprofen is your friend, eh?