Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Savanna the Tourist

Savanna doesn't like to be mistaken for a tourist. We joke about wearing t-shirts that say, "I'm not a tourist!" This week she went to Durango with me and pretended to enjoy being in cheesy tourist photos. I had a dermatology appointment that I had to leave really early for, and Savanna went along with me. Here she is holding her mocha latte with a shot of espresso near the Durango Silverton train depot. Savanna is crazy about coffee! I, however, can't stand it. Horse sculpture in front of the Durango Silverton train depot.
Of course we had to stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!! I had a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry and Savanna had chocolate covered cherries. We ate lunch at the huge Mexican restaurant Francisco's before making a Wal-Mart run and heading home. Any day is a good day to be in Durango!


DaveO said...

Hello Lisa!
Sounds like a great visit to Durango. Your daughter did not look like a tourist either,she fit in as a local Durangatang! Let me know when you visit again, so I can keep you all entertained while eating at Francisco's :-)

Jacob said...

What a cutie! She doesn't look at all like a tourist. She looks like a native pretending to be a tourist.

Sure keeps some strange company though!

Lois said...

Cute pics. That bear's cousin is sitting in front of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory here!