Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Telluride Heritage Festival and Wild West Fest

The Saturday during the Wild West Fest brought a brand new festival, the Telluride Heritage Festival. The main event was the Butch Cassidy bank robbery reenactment. I guess it's a little known fact that he robbed his first bank here!! I have had several comments from people that had no idea. The reenactment took place in front of the Appaloosa Trading Company. Appaloosa is a great western wear shop and they have a new shop in town with home and ranch furniture and accessories. We also have shopped at their store in Durango.
A lot of people really got into the festival with costumes.
This is the vault that Butch Cassidy robbed. After the original San Miguel Valley Bank burned down, the vault was moved to what is now the Sunglass HQ shop.
Maralee and I went for a stagecoach ride around town.
There were a lot of activities for kids. This is Maralee at the make your own tipi tent.
Savanna and Maralee are both here at the tug-of-war wearing purple tops, on the left.
It was a fun day for everyone, and I hope the new festival was considered a success so it can continue to grow!


Janie said...

It looks like a lot of fun for all ages.

julie said...

Those ladies really did well with their costumes! It is so wonderful to feel like you are in Telluride (Sort of, anyway) by viewing your colorful pictures, Lisa.

Maralee's hair is short! :0