Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fourth of July Parade

I'm falling behind in my blogging!! Here are a few of the Telluride Fourth of July Parade photos, better late than never!
The veterans.
These guys were kind of creepy and weird. The faces are their stomachs.
One of the Bernese Mountain Dogs with the group from Schaussi's Alpen Schatz.
Officer John Wontrobski keeping the peace. John always has encouraging words to say to me about my blogging and photography! I didn't get any photos of Jay during the parade because he was at the other end of town.
Unicycling basketball!!
Prairie Dog Power.
Biodiesel Goose.
Savanna was on a pogo stick through the parade instead of skateboarding this year.
Party Like It's 2006!!! This refers to the days when the economy was thought to be so strong. This is the same group that has done "Straight Pride" and "The Death of Humor" in the most recent parades.
Grand Marshal of the parade and also at the end, Roudy of Ride With Roudy.


Chris Petrak said...

Small town parades are great!!

Lois said...

Those are wonderful pictures Lisa. I wish we had a 4th of July parade around here. I like that "Prairie Dog Power" car. It's cute! That's also a beautiful horse in the last picture.

Terresa Fontana said...

Gotta love a good parade. :) A couple of friends of mine have Burmese Mountain Dogs ... I don't know how they fare in the heat and humidity we have up here, but they're just beautiful dogs.

EcoRover said...

Very fun! I've only been doing I-Day parades during election years, but from seeing your pics I need to stay in town (if only it weren't for the fireworks madness...).

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,
Welcome back to Blogdom! The Telluride parade looks like a lot of fun. Breck's wasn't nearly as "creative" as yours. I can remember when only the locals lined Main Street - now, 6 deep all the way through town. I send the Grandkids to the front so they can get some thrown candy.

Hope "my" bear can steer clear of the law! He does cause a bit of expensive damage when he visits, though...
PS Your girls have energy! How could Savannah pogo the parade?