Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks

On a 100 degree day in Oklahoma, we opted to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium instead of the Tulsa Zoo. I was really wanting to see the new lion cubs, but it was cooler to see fish that day. I love to watch Lookdowns. They just don't hold still for photos!

The beautiful seahorse.

The lionfish wouldn't hold still either, HAHA!
This Puffer has been in at the aquarium since it opened six years ago.
Another favorite, the jellyfish.
The shark exhibit is a huge dome-shaped tunnel that you walk through, and my pictures turned out just awful. However, Amanda, my sister-in-law, got some very cool photos inside the tunnel!


Lois said...

You are doing a great job with that new camera Lisa! Those are beautiful shots. I especially like the jellyfish, even though I have been stung by a few of them on more than one occasion!

~Cheryl said...

Nice photos! I think the aquarium was a good choice! My cousin has been telling me tales of 105 degree weather in her part of OK.

Jacob said...

Very lovely and colorful shots. They are fun to look at ... and I can understand why you took the cooler road!

EcoRover said...

Great pic on the lionfish--they can be pretty shy. Glad to know if I'm ever livin' on Tulsa time on a hot day (my bass fishin' friends will disown me for this), I can find something bearable to do!