Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rafting the Animas River

While Tommie and Kim were staying in Durango last week, we met up with them to go rafting on the Animas River. For some reason this is something we have never gotten around to doing before, and it was fun to have friends to join. My dad just told me the full name of the Animas River is El Río de las Animas Perdidas, or River of Lost Souls. Yikes! Actually this was a pretty calm family rafting trip and only lasted two hours, with no risk of any souls being lost. Maralee was sitting next to me, hidden from the camera in the first photo and all you can see of Jay is part of his hat. He was behind me.
I warmified this last photo because I liked the way it turned out. We had a lot of fun rafting with the Durango Rafting Company. They are affordable and Maralee rafted for free!

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Lois said...

That looks like fun Lisa! The pictures are great.