Friday, July 24, 2009

Wilson and Counts Jeep Adventure

Earlier this week we were fortunate to have a lot of visitors! Tommie and Kim and their four daughters, and also Jay's cousins Jeremy and Travis. We were able to work it out so that several of us could go Jeeping over Ophir and Black Bear Passes. The view from the shelf road of Ophir Pass was awesome, as usual. This is the only nerve-wracking section of Ophir Pass. Jeremy and Travis actually went over the pass again later that day and saw a Jeep slide off the road. Apparently the driver thought she was in neutral when she wasn't, and everyone jumped out and were okay. How horrifying!
Courtney, Maddie and Tommie at the summit, 11,729 feet. Jay has known Tommie since junior high, and of course I've known him and Kim for a long time now also. Tommie and Kim will have their 20th anniversary this year right before Jay and I have our 18th.
Jeremy, Travis and Jay were checking on the CJ here at the summit.
Time to start up Black Bear Pass.
There was quite a crowd around the summit sign, so we drove up a little higher than that where I took some photos.
Shelf road as we descended the Telluride side of Black Bear.
Jeremy, Travis and Jay in the Black Bear Mill area which is next to Ingram Falls.
Telluride is way down below.
Ingram Falls.
Having a ton of fun on the switchbacks!
The scary part is over after you reach Bridal Veil Falls.
I took this one of Kim and Tommie in the gondola later that day. I'm so excited that our friends and cousins came to see us! See what fun we have!
Ingram Falls high above Telluride.


Barb said...

This tour is so scenic! I loved the mountain passes and especially the falls. Your long shots got so clear. It looks like a good time was had by all. (And no casualties on the jeep road - that part looked pretty scary.)

Dogbert said...

Awesome landscape, the pictures are so deep.
Thanks ;-)

Lois said...

Can't wait to show James the waterfall! I didn't get much computer time this past weekend because I had both him and the baby. This weekend I will just have him though so we will be blogging together!