Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wilson Meadows Hike

Earlier this week we had a family hike to Wilson Meadows. The beginning is actually the Lizard Head Trail which starts at the Lizard Head Pass summit right behind the bathrooms.
The higher we got into the trees, the worse the mosquitoes were. Jay said it was like we were in, Lord of the Flies in this area.
The Lizard Head Trail splits off into the Wilson Meadows trail.
It is 3 miles to Wilson Meadows, which made it a 6 mile hike. The elevation gain is 1,000 feet, putting Wilson Meadows at about 11,000 feet above sea level.
We had no idea just how large the meadow would be, and there was an excellent view of Lizard Head Peak!
The meadow is very marshy and muddy with Wilson Creek running through.
Maralee and Jay were getting in the Wilson Creek a little bit here. Sunshine Peak is in the background. Wilson Peak isn't too far away from here, but isn't in view from the meadow.
Jay accidentally took this one of me, but I like it.
Everyone got ahead of me on the way down.
Maralee was leading us on most of the hike and did a great job.
There is a nice view Trout Lake from the trail, just on the other side of highway 145.
I took a video of Maralee running around the meadow. She was having a blast!


Lois said...

Looks like you all had a great day except for the mosquitoes (which I can totally relate to by the way)! You must have felt right at home having the same name as the creek, the peak, and the meadows ;)

Jacob said...

I've always thought it interesting that in places where it gets freezing cold in the winter you will find so many mosquitos in the summer...

But, I can't say enough about the beauty of the meadow. It's just absolutely wonderful. A six-mile hike is pretty hefty for young 'un's or old 'un's like me...kudos to them.

Love your photos, Lisa!

Barb said...

Can't believe Maralee could go so far and still be smiling and running throughout the hike! The day looks glorious. Your aspens look huge! You and the Cybershot are doing a great job! Happy 4th to you and your Family.

The Eddy's said...

Hey there! I have two comments for these pictures...1) They are absolutely gorgeous pictures. I can't believe how beautiful and Spring-y it all looks, Lizard Head is really striking in your pics. Good job on the photography. 2) Nice hat Jay!!! : )

Tony said...

Wow, great pics! We just got back from a campout so I can relate to the mosquitos! The extra water made things green, but the bugs love it too!

EcoRover said...

It is a skeetery year (all that spring rain)! Looks like a great family hike, though, without too much swattin' goin' on.