Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garrett is 15!!

Yesterday Garrett turned 15 years old!! He spent his birthday on a trip to Denver with the youth group going to a Rockies game and going paintballing. He is taller than me now and his voice is so deep that when someone calls, they usually think they are talking to Jay. Tenth grade starts Monday!


Lois said...

He is a handsome young man! Seems like yesterday my son turned 15 and now he's 27 and getting married. I don't know why time has to go so fast!

Barb said...

A heart-throb for the high school ladies, that's for sure. Get ready Mom! I can still remember when my twin boys were that age - our phone line was tied up a lot.

Barb said...

No prejudice "whatsoever", of course, but, wow!! a hunk!!! Yes, I agree his dad ought to be only 15. Enjoy him as much as possible, time does truly go very very fast!!!!!

Jacob said...

I'd guess the girls are throwing themselves at his feet. Fine-looking young man and I think he's going to go far!

Happy birthday, Garrett!