Sunday, August 16, 2009

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Last week we went to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park near Cañon City. The first time I went there I was a little kid, and it seems like it was only a couple bucks to cross the bridge. Things have changed there, and now it is sort of an amusement park with a $24 admission price for adults, which includes everything in the park except for the SkyCoaster. Built in 1929, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in the world.
View of the Gorge from the Arial Tram.
The Arial Tram and the SkyCoaster.
Bighorn sheep in the wildlife park.
Maralee riding a donkey.
The Scottish Highland cow.
Outside of the Gorge you can catch a helicopter tour. I guess it depends on the bravery of the tourist as to what the helicopter does. We saw it zoom under and over the bridge, but most times just kind of fly above it.
Jay, Garrett and Maralee rode the SkyCoaster.
Garrett looks kind of bored in jail at the Mountain Man Encampment.
We walked across the bridge, road the trolley across and drove across in the Jeep.
Restaurant and Plaza area. They show a 17 minute film in the Plaza Theater about the history of the bridge.
Maralee on the carousel.
I caught a picture of these hummingbirds while we waited in line to ride the Incline Railway.
Looking up at the bridge from the bottom of the Gorge after we descended on the Incline Railway.
This is the world's steepest Incline Railway built in 1931.
We all had a great time, and we were at the park from the time it opened until it closed! Here is a short video of Jay, Maralee and Garrett on the SkyCoaster. I didn't video the entire ride because I also wanted to take photos.


Lois said...

This place looks like a lot of fun, but that SkyCoaster looks scary! That's a great hummingbird picture too. My hummingbirds won't share their feeder like that. They fight over it and dive bomb each other until one bird wins and takes over. It's kind of funny to watch, but I really wish they would share!

Chris Petrak said...

What a fun series of photos - reminds me of our travels 25 years ago when our girls were young - except that their parents did not do some of the fun things you do.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Now I want a Scottish Highland cow. They are so unusual and pretty. I wonder what their temperaments are like.
I had no idea that the Royal Gorge Bridge is an amusement park. I think I thought it was more of a national park like place. It does like fun and worth the money. Your hubby and kids are brave. That Sky Coaster is a little scary. Did you ride it, too?

I think it's so cool that you have pics of yourself in the same places as you do now, of your kids. What special memories you can share together now.


Steve Garufi said...

Lisa, I stumbled onto your Royal Gorge page today. I was searching for information related to the Incline Railway at the park. I'm glad you had a good time at the Royal Gorge... although it's expensive!