Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eider Creek Trail Autumn Hike

The past couple of days I have been so happy to be off work since the weather has been absolutely perfect! We've had a few warm and sunny days perfect for a drive or hike to see the changing aspen leaves. I wanted to be outside of the car, and the Eider Creek trail seemed the best choice for getting into the trees and hiking near town yesterday. The trailhead is up Mill Creek Road. We made a loop by hiking Eider Creek and coming back to Mill Creek Road on the Deep Creek Trail. Of course I had to start out with a shot of Wilson Peak.
Looking over at Palmyra Peak and Bald Mountain, and some of the ski runs.
The sky was such a bright blue that it didn't even look real.
I love it when the sun shines through the aspen trees and gives a golden path to follow.
I must say that after hiking a 14er last month, a hike like this one was a piece of cake.
The next two are Greenback Mountain, elevation 12,792 feet.
This is Mt. Emma, elevation 13,581 feet. There are still some green trees there, but they are kind of scraggly.
We have to get outside and enjoy these leaves while we can! I'm afraid we'll end up with a storm accompanied by wind that will blow all of the leaves away soon. Then we'll have nothing but one of our brown seasons with white sticks and brown grass to look at until the big snowfalls start.


Sandy said...

I know that envy is a sin but I just can't help myself...you are so lucky to be living in God's country!

~Cheryl said...

Those colors are breath taking! Love the sun-lit aspens. What a wonderful hike!

Lois said...

The gold leaves against that beautiful blue sky make for stunning pictures Lisa! We've had that same sky here the last few days, but most of our trees are still green.

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,
I got back to CO just in time for this last snowfall! Did you get it in Telluride? It was 18 degrees this morning.
I love this hike - so beautiful with the golden leaves. The sun shining on the path seemed to turn the plants silvery. A great pic of you in the red top - a nice contrast with your surroundings.
Enjoy the fall.

julie said...

You captured beautiful Autumn scenery, Lisa!
I would love to have a tiny hut shelter at the location of your 3rd photo, and be able to sit and watch that view day in & day out! :)

Anonymous said...

and i thought WE had some mountains in the Smokies! i wish i could visit!!! i love ur blog!