Friday, September 25, 2009

Telluride Blues and Brews Festival

Last weekend's Blues and Brews Festival was our goodbye to summer. The weather was terrible, though!! Rain and hail pounded down daily. You had to be ready for mud to be able to sit in the park during this festival. I only had a pass for Sunday, so I wasn't about to miss it, especially since I wanted to see Bonnie Raitt. Wouldn't you know, we haven't had a drop of rain since the festival ended.
I think this was part of the Lee Brothers. Honestly I spend a lot of time in the kids' area during the day, but I did run up closer to the stage for this picture.
There may have been around 8,000 people at the festival this year, although I believe Blues and Brews are allowed to have 11,000.
Lots of leaves are changing!
Savanna climbs the rock climbing wall like a pro now.
Maralee surprised me this year with rock climbing. She is higher than Savanna in this photo. She sometimes would make it to the top, but wasn't tall enough to reach the bell to ring it.
They did have on harnesses that would glide them down to the ground if they let go.
This was during one of the many storms that blocked the view of Ajax Peak.
Clowns usually give me the creeps, but we see these guys so much during the festivals that I've gotten used to them.
Getting ready for a muddy parade!
I took this shot of Ruthie Foster during the kids' parade when we marched in front of the stage.
Our beautiful park was turned into a mud pit. It's going to take many hours of labor and around $3,000 to get it back to pre-fest conditions.
It really rained and hailed during part of Bonnie Raitt's concert. The crowd just tightened in closer and this was as close as I could get to the stage.
Bonnie Raitt sounds the same live as she does in a recording. I don't think she liked our weather very much. She said, "You guys live in a crazy place!"
I took a couple of videos of Bonnie Raitt. I can't get Angel from Montgomery to upload. I may try it again in another post. Soon after I went back to my seat, where I didn't have a great view but not too much mud, she started singing Something to Talk About. Lois at Tallahassee Daily Photo wanted to see this one, too. I didn't hold still enough through all of it. Hope it doesn't make you dizzy! The dancing cowgirl is a bonus.


Lois said...

Oh Lisa it's wonderful! She sounds great. I have always wanted to see her in person. Thank you so much for making the video and posting it. You're the best! That song is my favorite of all of her songs. Now I'm going to go watch your other video on Facebook! Thanks again and I love the dancing cowgirl too.

julie said...

Another fun fest in Telluride! What great pictures!